Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finally, an update...

Life has taken many turns over the last year.  When I started this online journal I was working at a bike shop, baking, running, biking, gardening and basically doing anything fun that I could get into.  It was beautiful.  Then I started medical school.  I am not complaining.  I am lucky to have gotten a spot and am fortunate to have all of the opportunities in life that I have had.  I truly feel blessed, something to easily lose sight of while surviving on coffee and 3-5 hours of sleep a night.  My time has taking a 180 degree turn from having physical and creative outlets to studying and studying and studying.  It has been a very hard adjustment for me and my husband.  My wonderful, beautiful, sweet, constantly supportive husband.  I am at school 2hours from home and he still has his job there.  We spend weekends together and usually one night a week.  He works hard all week and then comes and takes care of me.  Keeps me from eating cheese and crackers for dinner every night and keeps me in clean clothes.  I really dont think I could survive this experience without him.

Surviving medical school is an experience that is hard to convey in words, but I would like to try.  I am in my second year and need to rediscover my creative self.  I have been missing so much that part of me.  It is so easy to slip into a dark void where weeks pass without seeing sunlight, without talking to people, having no idea what is happening in the outside world.  Part of what is finally inspiring me into picking up my web journal again was listening to NPR this morning.  I had this realization when I woke up and heard that today was the election!  Seriously I had no idea that today we are voting for the president of our country.  In the midst of learning pelvic exams, birth, defects, reproductive problems the world outside of school has been completely lost to me.

If you have seen my blog before I guess it will be a little different.  I will still post about the fun things  my husband and puppies do but I will also try to give some insight into the life of a medical student... or at least my life as a medical student.  So bare with me, ask questions if you want, and hopefully follow along on this crazy journey.  I have many things to update on but I think this has gotten long enough for now....I will leave you with some nice pictures from home.

So welcome to year 2 of medical school!

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