Monday, June 28, 2010

A Garden Update

The picture above shows our gardens growth over the last few months. I have been amazed at how much our three little beds have been able to contain. We are already eating squash, cucumbers, lettuce and a few green peppers and raspberries now and then. We have a bunch of green tomatoes that will be ready soon as well as corn, hot peppers, potatoes, and blackberries. The spring spoiled us a bit with rain every day. The last two weeks have been really hot and dry. It seems like people all around us are getting epic rain storms but it just does not make it over the mountain to us, I guess that is always the case. Hopefully this evening will bring some of that rain the weather man has been promising us. Regardless our little space is progressing nicely and what we are not growing we are finding at the local markets. The Bryson City market on Fridays and the Sylva market on Saturday have been fantastic!


  1. Your garden is awesome! I like your veggies growing! They are really yummy in the photos! I also have bell peppers on my garden and next week I guess I will be harvesting it and all of my veggies. I will make fresh garden salad out of it.

  2. @Rose forever Thank you so much. We have been working hard at it so that is nice to hear. I am loving all the fresh veggies! Isn't it so nice to go outside and pick your own food?!

  3. Fresh veggies are really the best. Your garden is perfect. It is well organized and clean. Your tomatoes are really amazing I can’t to see it ripe in your next post. I also have plants such as cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes. I just made some mashed potatoes and the sweet taste of fresh veggies is really making me hungry.