Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2 months... and a half!

There are so many things to update on and so little time these days.  I have been studying for the first step of medical boards, which happen between second and third year, and trying to still be a good mommy.  I am putting in about 9-10hrs at school and then I head home for a little dinner, feed Everett, bedtime (my favorite) and then a few more hours of studying.  I feel like I am missing way too much time with my little one.  It is hard to feel like I am doing a good job anywhere sometimes.  I feel like a bad medical student when I take time out to be with my family and I feel like a terrible mom when I spend all day away studying.  I am lucky to have such supportive family that is helping to make sure Everett is getting love and attention while mom is away all day.  I want to update my posts on everything that has been happening (mostly a ton of study and a lot of debate about what next), but for now here is my sweet little boy.  Already almost 3months old.  He is getting big way too fast, already busting out of those 3mo onesies.  Everyday is a new adventure with him and I look forward to all of the fun he has in store for us!

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