Saturday, April 17, 2010

Acheville Farmer's Market

Today was the first Saturday of the Asheville City Farmer's Market. I have been looking forward to the market season because it means spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. I convinced my mother in-law, which really did not require much because she appreciates good food as much as I do, to make a little trip to Asheville with me to meet the farmers and check out the early season produce. Usually during the growing season I shop at the markets in Sylva and Bryson City because they are much closer to my house but it was a treat to spend a day in the big city. I am constantly amazed by how many food producers we have in western NC. I was able to sample local goat cheese, meat, veggies, homemade pasta, and pastries. Because it is so early several sellers also had vegetable plants available for anyone who would like to start their own garden. I was also given an early birthday present from my grandparents in-law who bought me a fig tree and pineapple sage (which actually smells just like pineapple). I cannot wait for our first figs to come in. It was really amazing to see so many people excited enough about fresh organic food to get to the market by 8am on a Saturday morning. Here are just a few of the items available:

Meat from Hickory Nut Gap Meats: You can order or visit their farm store some time and see the animals.
Pasta from Pasta Wench: visit them online and try for yourself, really yummy.
Goat cheese from Spinning Spider Creamery: you can one day ship from their online store or pick some up at various locations in Asheville including Earth Fare, Greenlife, and several others.
After walking around and sampling everything we made our way to Tupelo Honey Cafe for breakfast where there is usually a line but well worth the wait. Everything was delicious. It was a perfect day of food.

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