Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Chickens at Sleepy Hollow Farm

Apparently you do not need hormones to make giant eggs, just really happy, healthy chickens. I am lucky enough to live down the road from some of the most beautiful chickens and an amazing organic gardening couple. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of cooking with or eating farm fresh eggs I encourage you to find your nearest organic egg farmer. You will notice the difference from store bought, mass produced eggs the moment you crack one open and see the beautiful, full, orange yolk. Organic eggs really do taste better too. Additionally visiting a farm will give you the opportunity to see the chickens, meet the farmers, and really know how the animals that you are consuming (or consuming products from) are treated. This afternoon I road my bike up to my neighbors at Sleepy Hollow Farm to visit "the ladies" (the chickens) and pick up my weekly eggs. I just wanted to share with you how amazing they are. They were so big that we could only fit 11 in the jumbo egg container and I had to tape it shut. Needless to say the bike ride home was a little nerve racking. But the eggs all made it home in one piece. Sleepy Hollow Farm will be at the Bryson City farmer's market on Fridays this summer. If you are in the neighborhood stop by, say hello, and grab some eggs and veggies from them. Soon I hope to post some pictures of the ladies for you all.

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